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Paver Maintenance

How to Clean Pavers: Weekly Cleaning

There are a few things you can to do manage and maintain the beauty of your pavers if you follow a few simple guidelines. At least once a week, you should sweep over the paver surface to prevent any dirt and debris that may lead to discoloration or buildup in the joints. Never leave any spills or stains unattended that will result in attracting unwanted critters. It is always a good idea to hose down and use a mild solution on your pavers should any spills occur. Try using kitty litter over a difficult stain, leave it overnight and sweep it up in the morning.

Other Paver Maintenance Tips:

It’s recommended to use a mild solution on your pavers should any spills occur. A diluted mixture of detergent and water will address the problem area. Be sure before using any chemicals on your pavers to check with the manufacturer first to prevent any damage. You also want to check and make sure it is ok to use rock salt when ice or snow becomes a factor.


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